1. To receive a quote, please send elevations (or photos marked with measurements) along with any customization requests. For accurate square footage, please include all wall spaces next to and above windows and doors, fireplaces, etc.

2. If you would like to proceed, our studio's artist - under Maria's direction - will create a custom layout rendering showing how the mural imagery will be placed on each wall.

Doors, windows, furniture and things like art and wall mirrors will influence the composition, so the more information you can provide, the more tailored the result.

3. Upon approval of the rendering and a to-scale sample, our in-house master printer expertly assesses panel sizing to minimize seams, then commences printing.

We print the mural to the exact measurements you specify plus additional imagery overlap of 2” top and bottom and 1/2”-1” on each custom sized panel (for best results, we recommend providing detailed site measurements within 1/4” accuracy prior to printing).

4. After the panels have cured, they receive a fine, matte UV protective water-based varnish (the best in the industry used by de Gournay and others), then are white-glove packaged and shipped along with a clearly labelled plan for your installer.


We are passionate about bespoke!

Mural colors can be customized to match any palette (e.g. paint chips, fabric swatches), and changes such as fading or adding intensity, additional background space or more sky for taller rooms are possible with additional setup time.

Please contact the studio with any questions, we are happy to help!